Who We Are

We are an alternative energy company that converts mixed waste plastics into synthetic crude oil and other petrochemical products.

GenAgain Technologies, LLC is a privately held renewable energy and solid waste conversion company, utilizing a patented and commercially proven process, under a development agreement with Agilyx Corporation, to convert mixed waste plastics into high value synthetic oil.

Our Skills

The GenAgain senior management team and associates have worked over the past 20 years to assist many companies, organizations and governments to collect or process waste, and market commodities for recycling and energy. GenAgain has hands on experience and expertise in the following areas: engineering, construction, public finance, business management, materials marketing, waste collection, waste processing, recycling, and waste-to-energy. The team members and associates of GenAgain have over 100 years of combined experience in the waste, recycling, energy, and industrial premium-valued chemical products.

Our Vision & Mission

The Future of Sustainable Development - Integrating Solid Waste Management and Energy

Our first facility in Atlanta is currently operating and we are in the process of developing our next three projects. We plan to begin construction of our second facility, in South Mississippi, in the fourth quarter of 2013. We are continually reviewing other technologies that will allow us to recover valuable resources, improve our environment and produce high demand alternative energy and specialty products.

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Our Team
Robin Curtis

Robin Curtis, Managing Partner

Robin is a graduate of the University of Alabama with majors in Real Estate, Finance, and Accounting. Over the past twenty years Robin has financed and developed multiple projects in the environmental field. Robin will be focused on the construction of the first project, development of additional sites, development of niche markets for all production output and the deployment of synergistic technologies.

Don Malley

Don Malley, VP Operations

Don has been involved in the environmental field for the past twenty years. In the past years, Don has developed and patented the pressurized steam classification system that converts MSW (common household garbage) into cellulose. Don developed, built, and operated the first commercial facility to operate the PSC System. Don has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies over his lifetime and has extensive knowledge in all mechanical systems, electronics, fabrication, construction, and operations. Don will be focused on the equipment installation and operations at all facilities.

Gil Kilber

Gil Kibler, VP Engineering

Gil graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont,TX with a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. He has over 20 years as an engineer, including: engineering at Eastman Chemicals Company; engineering for IBM Corporation; engineering for Compaq; manager for Ernst & Young; operations manager for Dell; and project manager for Comcast. Gil will optimize performance, develop metrics for operational and organizational change, standardize processes for single facilities and across multiple facilities, and manage improvement projects to increase value of GTI product stream.

Kevin Nall, Consultant and Board Member

Kevin earned his BA degree in Marketing from Georgia Southern University and has over 20 years experience in the Solid Waste and Recycling industries. His has managed a 2,800 ton recycling facility; owner/operator of a 200 ton per day composting facility; consulted for several international waste-to-energy facilities; developed complex models for biomass fuel for the Center for Energy and Environment and University of Minnesota; consulted with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, McDonalds, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Primary Power, and Cinergy Power; co-author of several published articles and appeared on CNN's Earth Matters.